Jackson’s First World Championship Comes To A Close After Round Robin

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Team Jackson ended their first World Championship campaign with a 7-4 loss to Korea which summed up the frustration of their week.

In their final outing of the round-robin stages, the championship debutants were leading 3-1 by the fifth end and after their opponents levelled the match at the next, Jackson’s rink edged ahead again before Minji’ Kim’s rink scored at two at the eighth. Single steals at the last two ends secured the Koreans their ninth win in the round robin, having already qualified for the knock out stages after their 8 -7 defeat of Latvia this morning.

Earlier in the day, Jackson’s rink had also been leading their match 4-3 against the USA until their rivals secured a six at the seventh end and despite a valiant effort by the Scots to close the deficit, a double take out by US skip Jamie Sinclair at the last saw the game finish 9-7 and ended any hopes of taking the match to an extra end, or qualifying for the knockout stages.

It had been a challenging week for the young Scottish side looking to make their mark on the world stage, when skip Sophie Jackson had to withdraw from their second game due to a back injury. The team’s alternate, Lauren Gray, who plays lead for Team Muirhead, successfully utilised her previous skip experience and steered her new team mates to three successive victories and on Jackson’s return, the Scots continued that winning form with an extra end victory over perennial favourites Canada.

The team then rallied after two successive losses to challenge the current Olympic and European Champions Sweden on the penultimate day of the round robin, only to lose out by the narrowest of margins and in their second game yesterday, they also led against Russia only to lose out after conceding a three at the ninth end.

Their lead, Sophie Sinclair said after the team’s first experience at the world championships: “We had some good wins but the highlight of this week has definitely been securing the win against Canada. It is always a big game playing against Canada and we had a great fan base behind us which was really good.

“It has been a tough week but we had a lot of close games, so that is really encouraging for us just now at this level.”

Team Jackson’s Coach Tom Brewster added: “They are a young team and they have had some really good games and some solid performances and with a bit more experience we would be on a few more wins at least and they now know the areas they need to go back and work on and they will come back stronger.

“The whole group has worked really well together and Lauren (Gray) as alternate has done a great job and supported the team really well.”

Scotland finished in tenth place with four wins and eight losses. Six teams will now progress to the play-offs, comprising Sweden, Korea, Russia, Switzerland, China and Japan.

Final standings after the round robin:

1 Sweden 11W 1L
2 Korea 9W 3L
3 Russia 9W 3L
4 Switzerland 8W 4L
5 China 7W 5L
6 Japan 6W 6L
7 USA 6W 6L
8 Canada 6W 6L
9 Germany 5W 7L
10 Scotland 4W 8L
11 Denmark 3W 9L
12 Finland 3W 9L
13 Latvia 1W 11L

Sophie Jackson
Naomi Brown
Mili Smith
Sophie Sinclair
Lauren Gray (alternate)

Results: (4W 8L) 
Day One
Scotland v Japan 4-10
Day Two
Scotland v China 7-10
Scotland v Finland 9-3
Day Three
Scotland v Germany 9-8
Scotland v Latvia 5-4
Day Four
Scotland v Canada 6-5 (EE)
Day Five
Scotland v Switzerland 1-7
Scotland v Denmark 6-9
Day Six
Scotland v Sweden 7-8
Scotland v Russia 4-7
Day Seven
Scotland v USA 7-9
Scotland v Korea 4-7


Photos © WCF / Celine Stucki

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