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Former Scottish Champion Sophie Sinclair has joined the front line of key workers, helping to provide her local community with essential supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Sinclair was called up for duty as alternate for Team Muirhead at the World Curling Championships in Prince George last month, which was cancelled just before the event was due to get underway because of the growing global public health crisis.

Her parents, Kirsteen and John, had also travelled to Canada to support the team, leaving staff to run their business in South Queensferry, but even before they returned they knew that they would have to respond to a rapidly changing climate to support both their staff and customers. 

And after self isolating for a week following her return from Canada, Sinclair decided to play her part in the family business, too, as the effects of the pandemic were being felt in every walk of life.

“Mum and dad run Craigie’s farm shop and café and knew that the café side of things would have to shut, but they wanted to look at ways of keeping staff going who wanted to continue to work,” said Sinclair.

“They decided to start offering deliveries and collections instead and at first work was quite steady. We are lucky to have a good local customer base so we were getting about 40 orders a day. However, with word of mouth that steadily increased and now we are up to 100 orders a day.

“Like many others we had to adapt to the current situation and just try to make sure locals could still all get the essentials they required they might have been struggling to get. It is mainly households we are delivering to, as well as a local charity. It has proved to be a bit of a lifeline to the local community and I have found it really rewarding and I am glad to be helping our older customers or those self isolating for health reasons who cannot leave the house just now.”

Keeping busy and getting into a new routine has been key for the 23 year old full time curler. 

“I used to help mum and dad at Christmas or during other seasonal busy spells and when I was younger I used to work most weekends. Working full time again has been good because it has given me a routine and at the same time a purpose and a sense of duty. I guess it gives me a sense of pride, too, that I am able to help others,” she said.

“Working so much now means I have had to fit in my daily training around my working routine and there are some days when I feel really tired, but a work-out can really help boost the energy levels again.

“Without a doubt it has been a challenging time, but I have found it helpful to be really busy. Emotions were high after the Worlds were cancelled. We were heading home combating the disappointment that we would not compete which was hard after weeks of training, plus a week of preparation in Vancouver and we felt ready. But soon enough everything else starting changing as well as we all moved into lockdown and it was another phase of adjustment.

“I am grateful to be among the key workers and I am able to help others as well as my family. My dad grew up on this farm and very soon the soft fruits we grow will be ready for harvesting which will present more challenges, as the pick your own fruit business is not viable just now, but dad is looking at other options and we will work through this. 

“I will continue to do whatever is needed and some days are exhausting. But when we do start to get back to normality I will know I have done my bit and kept my fitness levels up ready for when the new season does resume.”

Curling Images: PPA/ Graeme Hart. 

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