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The Paralympics GB curlers returned to winning ways after dominating their second game of the day against Finland, beating them 9-2 at the Gangneung Curling Centre in PyeongChang.

After an earlier 7-4 loss to Switzerland, it was an emphatic victory to finish the second day of action at the Paralympic Games and the GB team now have two wins and one loss.

Skip Aileen Neilson said after both of today’s games: “It would have been nice to be at 3-0 heading into the third day but we’ll certainly take 2-1, we’re still getting used to the venue and the stones, you need that time to get familiar with everything so we’re very happy to take a win from that last game.

“Any time you have a defeat you look back at what’s gone. What could we have done better, what didn’t we do so well and what things do we need to change from that?

“We certainly did that after the first game, we perhaps didn’t play at our best and that’s why we lost but we improved as the day went on and got that win.

“It’s always nice to end the day with a win, it gives you time to reflect nicely heading into the evening and be ready to go again the next day in a positive frame of mind.

“There are always shots you wish you make, we did enough in this game and hopefully we can build on that for tomorrow.

“This is a long competition where you might not play at your best in every game but that’s something we’ve known at the start.

“You can’t go as hard as you’d like to every game so management is very important, we’ve been training for that with early starts, late finishes and busy days so we’re ready.

Robert McPherson, who hails from Bellshill, commented on the team’s second win of the tournament: “It was a bit of a dodgy first half but we came out firing all guns blazing in the second half and that meant we sealed a really good win.

“We had to pull our socks up. We had a bit of a word from the coach and that was all we needed to start making shots.

“If we make the shots we win the games. In the first half we were making half-shots but in the second-half we came out and we all played at our best.

“They were struggling in that second half and we knew if we got them in the house they would struggle to hit, so getting them in was half the battle.

“I’m loving every minute of it out here and now I’m just going to go and get a good night’s sleep and we’ll come back out tomorrow and go again.”

Reflecting on the game against Switzerland, he added: “We actually played OK this morning, it was just some loose shots when it counted that cost us.

“When we were one down we would miss a shot and we couldn’t quite pull it together. It’s just the way it goes, but I’m really happy to have got the second win now.

“After the morning session the coach just told us to go out there and play the way we know we can play; to play the way that has got us selected to represent our country.”

Tomorrow they take on Sweden - who will be looking to claim their first win of the round robin tournament - and Canada, currently unbeaten on three wins so far.


Aileen Neilson (Strathaven) - 45
Gregor Ewan (Elgin) - 46
Hugh Nibloe (Stranraer) - 35
Robert McPherson (Bellshill) - 49
Angie Malone MBE (Glasgow) – 52

Schedule (GMT) and results:

Saturday 10 March
5.35am GB v Norway 5-2

Sunday 11 March
12.35am GB v Switzerland 4-7
10.35am GB v Finland 9-2

Monday 12 March
5.35am GB v Sweden
10.35am GB v Canada

Tuesday 13 March
5.35am GB v Slovakia
10.35am GB v NPA

Wednesday 14 March
12.35am GB v Germany
5.35am GB v USA

Thursday 15 March
12.35am GB v Korea
10.35am GB v China

Friday 16 March
12.35am Tie breaker (if required)
6.35am Semi finals

Saturday 17 March
12.35am Bronze medal game
5.35am Gold medal game


Photos: WCF – Celine Stucki

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